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Vinmar Solutions 1 Day and 2 Days Hands-on Pre-Dental courses is on the East coast In Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Click on icon for Details.

Do you know anyone who’s interested in Dental School? Before or after they take the DAT, manual dexterity is an important ability to have before going to dental school.

The Pre-Dental Laboratory Technique Courses has helped thousands of participants in major universities and colleges in the Northern and Southern California areas since 1979. Many participants have taken advantage of these courses throughout the United States and have traveled from other countries. The Pre-Dental Courses are like no other.

Each course goes into detailed instructions and illustrations that will help participants through the construction process in a step-by-step manner. It also helps each participant to get a quick start to practice manual dexterity before dental school. Manual dexterity is an important ability to have, because it is a requirement for dental school.

             Learning the basics of tooth anatomy and occlusal surfaces.

             Learning a rapid waxing technique of extensive occlusal rehabilitation of tooth structure.

             Identify in detail the character of mandibular movement and how it can affectocclusal anatomy.

             Self-examination and homework.

             Utilization of dental hand instruments and waxing techniques.

             Final practical examinations.

             UCLA Certificate of Completion and Letter of Recommendation in 2 Days

In this digital age tooth waxing and setting denture teeth can be very frustrating in dental school. These courses will help beginners to overcome the problem by learning hands-on techniques before the school dental experience. After participating in these courses it will greatly enhance hand instrument techniques such as: finger dexterity, Arm-hand steadiness and aiming, reaction time, which will help your technical skills. 

 No experience required!!

The Vinmar Solutions Pre-Dental Golden Hands Performance Award

The Vinmar Solutions Golden Hands Performance Award honors selected individuals who have accomplished or have met certain requirements in their abilities to exercise fine motor control and possess excellent eye hand coordination.

This award also, identifies selfless individuals who have worked together to assist other participants to achieve their motor skills without seeking to put oneself in the spotlight or credit for his or her efforts.

The nominees will be selected by the Vinmar Solutions Course Director and selected TA's during the pre-dental courses. This will also include participants taking part in the courses. (The participants includes: Pre-Dental Students, Dental Assistants, Dental Technicians, Dental Hygienists and International Dentist.)

The nominees will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Have registered for the Beginners Tooth Waxing and Denture Course to qualify as a nominee.
  2. And have passed 2 Pre-Dental Courses and have completed the Polymer Clay Model Study Block.
  3. Have displayed outstanding performance in eye- hand coordination, good steady hands and stamina.
  4. Shown strong interpersonal skills as a people person. Interacting with other participants and had listened to instructions.
  5. Great communication skills with the ability to explain technical and dental terminology.
  6. Have displayed compassion and honesty toward his or her work projects. Also showed honesty at judging other participants work projects.
  7. Good problem solver in making corrections in areas needed on his or her work projects. Having the ability to be exact in his or her work and the ability to pay attention to details in his or her work assignments.

If you want to join the ranks of the best of the best, this is your opportunity to make your performance count. Remember, its putting forth the effort that count, which sharpens your fine motor skills in manual dexterity for dental school. Dental school admissions committees expect that applicants have worked hard to develop these skills prior to admission. And most important, these one-of-a-kind courses will assist you in developing an unselfish attitude in helping  you to think about what is good for other people, not just about your own advantage, which is one of the qualities of leadership in the dental profession.

The recipient:

 Will receive this award upon completing and passing the Tooth Waxing Course Part 1 or 2 and the Quadrant Denture Course Part 1 and 2, along with completing the Polymer Clay Study Block. Added to the Golden Hand Performance Award the recipient will be given a Certification of Completion from the UCLA Continuing Education Programs and a personal Letter of Recommendation from the Pre-Dental Course Director/Instructor. Vinmar Solutions, “Is putting eyes and hands to work”.

Register  at UCLA School of Dentistry "Continuing Dental Education"

Anastasia Boyett  from Encino, CA, has been nominated for the January 2016 Tooth Waxing Course hosted at UCLA School of Dentistry

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Beginners Tooth Waxing and Denture Course
Impression and Cast Making Course
"New"Tooth Waxing Course Part 1  in 2015
"New"Tooth Waxing Course Part 2 in 2015
"New" Quadrant Denture Course Part 1 and Part 2 in 2015
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Viinmar Solutions Pre-Dental Polymer Clay Tooth # 30 Study

For Pre-Dental Students, Dental Students, Dental Technicians, and Dental Assistants


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UCLA 1 Day and 2 Days Hands-on Pre-Dental Courses

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